Intimate events

A small event with a few friends, these suggestions keep the pressure off hosts, but will still put smiles on your guest’s faces.


Do you know a chef, or at least a very good cook? Convince them to put on a three-course meal, or do it yourself! You could even share the load and ask everyone to bring a plate of a certain cuisine.


Everyone loves a bit of cake and a cuppa, but to make your event special why not add a theme and ask people to dress up? Think hats, gloves, and hair scarfs.


What about hosting a party with some reps from kitchenware or clothing home shopping brands? Ask if they would be prepared to donate a percentage of sales to the cause, or donate goods for a raffle.  You could also support us by shopping from our GNI supporter, Birdsnest, on the 11th of October.  10% of all sales will be donated to Cancer Council. 

Birdsnest Promotion


Can’t remember the last time you watched a classic? Sell tickets to a simple lounge room screening with your friends, or go all out and turn it into a themed dress up night with appropriate food and decorations too. Think Casablanca with Moroccan fare and lots of cushions.


What better way to update your wardrobe, and raise money for a good cause? Ask everyone to donate quality clothes they no longer want and put some price tags on them. You’ll not only get your hands on your friend’s coveted coat, but raise funds for women’s cancers too.

Make sure you decide on an entry fee for your event, and you might even want to have a donation box on display too.

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