Morgan's story

“When I was 27 years old, cancer was the last thing on my mind. But then I started bleeding irregularly. 

After weeks of appointments and struggling to find answers, I was finally booked in for a hysteroscopy in March.

On March 17, 2014, my gynaecologist asked me to come in and see her immediately. My heart sank and even though I prepared for bad news, cancer never crossed my mind.

Despite being young, fit and healthy, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after a 4cm low-grade tumour was found.

In the following weeks I had to decide whether to have a full hysterectomy. It was one of the hardest decisions to make. At 27, the possibility of never having children was overwhelming.

But it turned out to be the right choice for my health because during surgery they found the cancer had spread.

Thankfully, I can now say that I am in remission, and although I still have side effects from treatment, the journey helped define who I am today.

I could not have gotten through this without support from important women in my life - my mum and best friend.

Friendships are so important at times like these, which is why Girls’ Night In is such an important cause.

By hosting a Girls’ Night In and getting together with your besties, you not only support each other, but you help women all over Australia affected by breast and gynaecological cancers.

The money you give funds Cancer Council’s lifesaving work in research, prevention and support, giving hope to women, like myself, when they need it most.”